The Slave Farm

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
The Slave Farm

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Its a nice sunny day, Maliia and I are out for a drive. I'm driving and she is sitting next to me as we ride along in the country. We are chatting and my right hand is in her /fingering/pussy-fingering/">pussy fingering her firm clit, while she uses her hand to finger my pussy. It's a great day in the country the sun is shining and all. Then all of the sudden the car starts acting up and finally sputters to a stop. Before we get out of the car our lips meet in a long /kissing/french-kiss/">french kiss probing each others mouths with our tongues. So it is not a complete loss... 

We get out and are looking under the hood. Really dumb as neither of us know what to do. Then we see another car coming. It stops and a young looking girl offers to help. She says she lives just up the road. She offers to take us to her house. There we can call a tow truck to tow our car. We accept the offer and climb into her car . After several miles we turn into a long winding driveway and end up in front of a very large house set far into the woods. There is also a large barn at the rear of the house. She invites us in to wait for the wrecker. She offers us a drink of cold lemonade as it is quite warm outside and we accept her offer. The cold drink quenches our thirst. Then suddenly the world around us becomes blurry and black. We pass out!! The drinks were drugged. 
When I awake, I am naked, hanging from hooks by my wrists, with my /feet/">feet spread wide apart. My little rings, I have small tasteful rings in my labia and nipples, hang down exposed. A heavy leather collar has been secured around my necks. This collars has several large rings placed around the circumference. A large ball gag is in my mouth stretching my lips painfully wide. Waist cincher belts have been tightened on to shrink my small waists even smaller. The belts also have rings attached. 

As our eyes meet, I see you are similarly imprisoned. We both look around the room and see their are several other naked females walking or sitting in the large room. They all have collars, waist belts, and cuffs on similar to ours. Sitting leisurely at the far end of the room is a very beautiful woman dressed all in black leather. She has 6" heels, a skirt, and a bra all of black leather. She has long flowing black hair. All the black causes her white skin to shone like a neon light. When she sees us move she smiles and leisurely approaches us. She walks around us admiring and feeling the private parts or our bodies. She orders two of the other girls to kneel between our spread legs and lick our now wet pussies. When the girls have licked us to a couple of cums, she proceeds to inform us that now we are hers. She is /mistress/">mistress TONYA and she owns this farm. We are now her property and will be trained to serve her needs. the wwwxxx All the girls here are owned by her and they obey her every wishes. Eventually sh tell us, we too will come to love her. We are encouraged to cum quickly as it may be a long while before we are allowed that pleasure again. When we both cum again in the faces of our cunt lickers she orders them to stop! We sag in our restraints. The slaves now clean up our spendings, and return to their corner to watch us. 

Mistress Tonya then walks back over to us. She holds up two large conical butt plugs before our eyes. for us. They are really quite large. They have very long thick strands of hair sticking out of the ends. She walks around to our rears and pushes these plugs into our poor little /ass/ass-holes/">ass holes. Then she inflates them to secure the things in our /butts/">butts. Now we both have a tail. She walks back in front of us and looks at our small nipple rings. She yanks them out and brutally installs larger heavier rings in our poor now sore nipples.. She bends down and looks at our clit rings. She pulls them out and sticks larger heavier rings there as well. She then reaches up to your face with her slim right hand. She grabs your chin and admires your /cute/">cute face. She seems interested in your nose. Then taking a thick sharp needle and holding your cheeks secure, she proceeds to pierce your nose cartilage inside the openings. You try to murmur and move but she has done this before. 

Leisurely she leaves the needle in thenewly bored opening and goes for something. She returns and places a large ring in your nose. It hangs down over your upper lip and in front of your mouth. She then comes to me. It is worse as I know what is coming and try to twist away. Nothing helps, she does the same thing to my. Through tear stained eyes I see her standing there admiring her handy work 
She then tells wwwxxx us, she has one more procedure for us. She picks up an iron rod from a smoking braiser and comes over to me. It is a branding iron. Smiling into my eyes she brands her initials into my right ass cheek. It hurts like hell and now I am balling. After she is done with you I see she had placed a big 'MT ' on each of our right but cheeks. She then goes back to the braiser and returns with another iron.. as we hang there exhausted she brands a big #'36' into smooth white flesh of our left ass cheeks. We try to squirm and but the bonds hold. We scream, but the gags prevent even that. We get the same number, she informs us because she intends to keep us bound to together as a matched pair. 

To be continued...