Just me and Mr XX together making love 2

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Just me and Mr XX together making love 2

His touch was always pleasing, never any pain in his movements. That is unless you wanted pain like Louise did sometimes! He slowly pumped his thumb in and out of my /fucking/pussy-fucking/">pussy fucking it as slowly and gently as he could do it! My hips were rocking on it now and my pussy was squeezing it as it entered my pussy all the way every 2 or 3 seconds. He was also rotating it around as it moved in and out! The feeling was sensational. I began to rock faster and faster until I wasnt able to speak any longer. I closed my eyes and let his hand please my body. My hips were pumping in unison with his hand movements and now I was arching up into it as my body had taken over and was moving me towards my first orgasm of the day. I felt his head against my chest and his lips cover my hard long nipples again! He kissed them and licked them with his devil tongue. His hand never stopped moving and my ass was lifting up off the bed to meet his insertions. His thumb was magic! He knew exactly when to push it in and when to rotate it around inside my hole. He kissed his way up my neck and as his hands and fingers made tender gently love to my pussy sending thrill after thrill around my entire body. It was like he could feel what I was feeling and knew exactly when to rub or push or pull his thumb around, in or out of my throbbing pussy. My pussy was so swollen now and al I could think of was orgasm! I needed to cum bad! And, he knew it from the motion of my body and the wetness of my pussy!

 As he worked on my body with his hands, his voice spoke directly to my brain whispering exactly what I was yearning for. He said: "Cum for me Kathy! Cum on my hand baby! Cum for me!! Climax baby! It will feel so good!! Feel it baby! Yes, thats right!! Fuck my thumb baby. Fuck it back, Kathy! Cum baby! It will be so good baby! Thats it pump your pussy against my hand baby! Faster! pump it faster for me!! Mummm thats it! You look so happy fucking my hand!! Cum for me sugar! Orgasm and youll please me!" I cried out in pure desire from his soft words and I began to orgasm! Oh god did I orgasm!! My hands grabbed his hand and held it tight against my pussy as I squeezed it tight with my legs. My head was thrown back and my eyes were closed as I humped and humped my pussy up against his thick hard thumb not caring about anything else in the world. All I wanted to do was orgasm for him, and me!! I screamed out loud as I reached the peek of my climax! I yelled: "Oh God!! OH GOD MR. XX! Mr. XX !! Mr. XX! Mr. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!" When I had finished I said: " Oh its was a good one!! Oh god! I love you Mr. XX! I love you so much!! Mummmmm baby you make me feel so good!" I had almost passed out as I entered the dream world of orgasm just pumping my pussy against his magic fingers and hand!

Part #2
Later, much later, when I finally began to come back to earth, I sighed and with a low and hissing voice moaned out his sexxxx video ful hd name as I bit his ear. My ass and hips had come back on the bed! I relaxed my legs from around his hand but he didnt take it out from between my legs. He kissed me gently for a very long time as he held his hand against my soaking /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. His thumb was still inside my pussy!. As he held me and slowly stroked my body, he asked me: "WOW!! Looked like you had a good one Kathy!! How was it? Did I please you Kathy? Is that why you came over here, so I could get you off baby? Good!! Im glad you wanted me to be the one to give your beautiful young body pleasure! Was your orgasm good? Was it hard enough? Long enough for you? It sure looked like it! Are you satisfied baby?" I opened my eyes and said: "Oh yes! Oh god yes Mr. XX!! It was good! God it was so good. You do please me so much baby! I love your touch!! You please me so much! And I am satisfied for now Mr. XX but you know I always need you cock to finish me off completely!" I kissed him and he held me tight. When I recovered enough to really talk to him, I asked him: "So you want me to teach you today huh MR. XX?" He smiled and told me: "Sure Kath fair is fair. I have been teaching you for a few weeks and now I like you to show me what you have learned baby! You tell me what you want and Ill do it." I laughed and said: "Oh MR. XX!! I could never be your teacher! You are just to good." He smiled and said: "Well consider it a test then. You instruct me and see if you can pass what I have taught you." OK?" I smiled and told him: "OK! How do we start?" We got something to drink and he stood there with his /cock/big-cock/">big cock swaying and jumping up and down. I looked at him and sat up on the edge of bed.

I opened my legs wide and told him: "OK Mr. XX!! First thing you do is kneel on the floor and get between my legs. I want you to use your fingers first to locate my clit and rub it until I cum again!" He smiled and said: "Yes mama!" He moved between my legs and asked me to bend then at the knees. I did and he pushed them back positioning them so my thighs and ass were back and my pussy was staying open for him to work on. God he knew what he was doing!! He took his left hand and opened my cunt lips wider, exposing all of my pink insides. He smiled at me, and took his finger and touched my clit directly. I jumped like an electric shock hit me! He laughed and told me: "Well youll have to hold still K!" I laughed as we got back into the same position. He opened my pussy lips again and took the skin around the top of my pussy and pulled it up and then out on both sides making my clit stand up completely out and open. He took his tongue and licked over the xxx sex video download free com hard round bud. He rubbed all around it and then quickly glided his finger over it making me lift my ass up off the bed! Each time he touched it directly, I elevated my ass to meet his touch. I moaned as he pushed against it and held his finger directly on it. He began rotating his finger around it very gently in tight little circles. He went faster and faster and I moaned out: "Mummmmm Mr. XX!!! You do know how to please my clit!!" He let his finger relax as I told him: "Now heres what I want you to do next. You know how I like you to touch me there. Right? Well I want you to touch it just right, so that Ill receive the maximum excitement you can generate for my body. I want you to make me climax baby! I want you to make me orgasm with just your one finger and its touch just like you did a few minutes ago. Can you do me again?" He smiled at me and moved his fingers around the inside of my pussy as he said: "Well you have to tell me when I hit it just right baby! OK? You say when!" And Mr. XX began to touch my clit with different motions and pressures. But when he touched me about the third time in, it was heaven. I arched my back and lifted my ass high up off the bed screaming out: "Right there!!! Oh yes! THER!! OH Mr. XX!! Oh yes!! Thats it!! Faster! Faster baby! Yes OH fuck yes!! Mummm!! Faster! Rub it faster! YES!!"